Motivational Monday: Gold is God’s Money, Investing In Gold and Silver for beginners

I have been investing and trading gold and silver since 2018 when the price was $1200 per ounce, but this morning 27th July 2020, gold price just broke above $1920 USD per ounce, and as of this video it is still going up. Experts predict that gold prices are going to hit $2000 USD before the end of the year. Want to know why?

Watch my video to find out… And if you want to learn how to start trading and investing in assets like gold and silver, send me a private message on any of my social media, or drop me a comment below!

Credits to Robert Kiyosaki who talks about “Gold is God’s Money” in his video.

*Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this video is not personal investment advice, it is the individual opinion and views of Dennis Bay. Dennis Bay Way is not a financial advisor or broker and does not give any financial advice to the public.

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